Meet The Team

Optimising your business, scaling it up, getting to deal readiness and ultimately, becoming non-executive is a challenge for most Founders, it requires multi-disciplinary skills, and few can get there without guidance.

It takes a team of top-of-market specialists, on either a low-touch or high-touch to get you there. Having conducted a full market search and drawing upon 30+ years of deal and scale up experience, Matt has assembled a multi-disciplinary team who are experts in their verticals, to engage where the Founder has the greatest need.

The team works as one, so we can share information, maintain a collective portal, and move fast. To access them the first port of call is through Matt, to help you workshop and design what the founders need.

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Matt Joy

Founder and CEO at Invigour

Matt Joy

Matt is a founder of 6 businesses created over 30+ years (3 businesses achieving over $50m in revenue, and 2 with valuations / assets considerably over $100m) so is deeply vested in the Founder journey.

Matt specialises in shareholder alignment, governance, scale up and deal readiness, and transaction management.

As the Founders’ in-house deal manager, he and his team prepare Founders and their businesses psychologically, strategically, and operationally to maximise their value, to get deal ready for an emerging shareholder liquidity event (sell side), to navigate the transaction and to help the founders continue to run the business post deal.

Paul Miller

Partner at Deutsch Miller

Paul Miller

Paul is a lawyer with more than 25 years on advising on M&A transactions with over 150 M&A deals under his belt. Providing a full range of corporate and commercial advice, his major areas of specialisation include:
  • Mergers and acquisitions (public and private),
  • Corporate advisory,
  • Capital raisings (both on and off market),
  • Shareholders agreements and joint ventures,
  • Restructuring,
  • Employee Share Plans, and
  • Drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements.

Taylor Capson

Managing Director at EverEdge

Taylor Capson

Tyler is a Managing Director at EverEdge with a specialty in Corporate Strategy, Valuation and M&A Transactions.

EverEdge is a leading global intangible asset advisory, valuation, corporate finance, and investment firm. Today, intangible assets account for 90% of enterprise value for companies in the S&P 500. EverEdge helps companies and investors unlock the value of these intangible assets in their value by identifying, strategizing, valuing, and monetizing intangible assets.

Tyler is a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) and Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA). He also holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from BYU and an MBA from the University of Utah.

Michelle Kvello

Director at Lantern Partners

Michelle Kvello

Michelle is the founder of Lantern Partners, a CFO advisory firm working with founders of start ups and scale ups.

A key part of this advice is conducting a financial health check, designing the in-house teams, and financially preparing their business for a liquidity event so value is maximised and they can complete a transaction.

Her experience includes preparing the business financially and operationally for both local and international processes across a range of M&A transactions.

Michael Laps

Founder at Laps Ventures

Michael Laps

Michael is a top-line growth advisor with almost 2 decades of experience working with senior leadership teams and founders to drive revenue for their companies.

An award-winning marketer, he founded and was CEO of one of Australia’s premier independent digital agencies, which he exited in mid-2022.

He now helps mid-size businesses accelerate growth in navigating the worlds of marketing and business.

Julie Cockerill

CEO and Founder at Lemon Co

Julie Cockerill

Julie is a strategic People and Culture leader, renowned for her experience in fostering organisational growth and cultural vitality for global giants such as Unisys, Booz Hamilton, Merrill Lynch, and Starwood Group, skilfully navigating through the complexities of start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and culture revitalization projects.

With her unique set of skills, she helps organisations change the way they work and build their people resource systems to support Scale Up to keep their teams productive, energised and engaged in a sustainable way.

Rob Antulov

Partner at Modus Partners

Rob Antulov

Rob has extensive experience in digital, social, tech and biotech as a Founder, Corporate Executive, Director, Consultant and external Corporate Advisor.

His most recent corporate role was Director of Strategy and M&A at Fairfax Media, where he advised the Board, CEO and Executive team on strategic growth, media convergence and digital expansion.

Having advised on well over 50 M&A transactions in the past 25 years, Rob is an essential part of the team managing the Competitive Sales Process and all fundraising activity.

Jess Weiss

Managing Consultant at Human Tribe

Jess Weiss

Jess runs a training and consulting company built to improve the performance of Leadership through Strengths optimisation and team working relationships, using a range of tools including the Gallup Clifton Strengths model.

Over 31M leaders and teams have engaged in this Gallup work globally. Jess has worked with over 2,000 clients, to build leadership and management capability, delivering workshops, keynotes, and individual coaching.

Jen Bicknell

Director at Bicknell Law & Consulting

Jen Bicknell

Jennifer is an employment lawyer, running her own employment law and consulting firm which operates de-facto inside the Founder’s business. In any Scale up or transaction there are often changes in the Senior Leadership Team (and below) to enable the next phase of growth and to allow for synergies with any platform roll-up of a new business.

Jennifer helps Founders skilfully navigate this difficult area typically in a space where they have little experience, to handle difficult conversations that often occur in getting to the other side of restructures, and managing toxic / poor cultural fit employees and redundancies.

Guy Langlois

Business & Systems Manager at Invigour

Guy Langlois

Guy is an IT and business strategy specialist, focussed on empowering businesses to streamlined operations.

On the team, he is principally responsible for back-end technical and process development and is currently digitising all business deliverables and back-end value creation.

Leveraging his broad experience from his engineering background, large IT project management and operational efficiencies, Guy supports all processes and value delivery to our clients and our team.