75% of founders have regrets within one year of their exit*

*2013 State of Owner Readiness Survey – Exit Planning Institute

An excellent transaction is the greatest test for a founder

A study by the Exit Planning Institute revealed that only 5% of business owners are satisfied with the net proceeds of their exit*.

While this seemingly infers that the odds are stacked against the founder, it’s also important to know that 83% of the respondents said they were unprepared and without a proper plan for their capital event.

While a capital event can be unsuccessful for many reasons, lack of preparation and execution should never be a factor.

An excellent investment transaction is the last great test for an entrepreneur. The majority, however, are left with regret and remorse.

The stakes are far too great to become another bad statistic.

Shareholder Strategy Workshop

What would you do if you were approached by a strategic player in your sector or a PE-backed growth opportunity?

Most businesses have more than one shareholder, including the founders – often in director positions – and in our experience they haven’t applied much planning to be ready for and to lead such a process, which should be one of the most significant transactions in their lives. Nor have they optimised their business value ahead of such an event.

Uncertain about what it means for them and unaligned about what they should aim for the business, these opportunities create dissention, where people start chasing different financial and strategic objectives, ultimately resulting in failed transactions, bitterness and resentment. Further, time kills deals, and money divides.

Therefore it is essential to preemptively address these potential issues. Through our shareholder strategy process, we interview the Founders personally and run a custom-agenda that we create together with you over a one day workshop, that will result in a breakthrough, achieve Shareholder alignment, and empower your leadership to move forward as one with clarity, conviction and speed.

Typical Agenda items that arise are:
  • Shareholder Clarity and Alignment
  • Liquidity ROI Targets (Quantum, Structure and Timing)
  • Culture, Team Issues and Succession
  • Board Governance and structure, and approach to Decision Making
  • Approach to Strategy, Execution and Planning
  • Scaling Up Goals and Challenges
  • Financial optimisation
  • Deal Readiness
  • Inorganic growth / M&A Planning for the Future


Outcomes of this strategy workshop can include:

  • Creating a new paradigm strategy and direction that renders current major obstacles redundant.
  • Developing an immediate forward action plan.
  • Achieving shareholder or management alignment on the future of the business.
  • Understanding the steps to get Deal Ready for a future investment round, exit or inorganic strategy.
  • Developing a Vision and a North Star for the business.

Perfect For

Founders and CEOs looking for swift action on key issues or opportunities.

M&A Deal Management

Having an acquirer invest in your business is the culmination of years of hard work and long hours. For many, it’s the largest transaction of a lifetime, plus they are transacting their greatest asset. However, many founders enter the deal of their lifetime inexperienced, with limited bandwidth and unprepared on how to successfully complete it. Burn-out, poor deal leadership, deal-fatigue and founder-remorse post-transaction are real and common risks.

Further, corporate advisory skills, whilst essential to any deal are typically limited to their fundraising, financial / accounting, and legal roles, and are not well placed to provide founder coaching, project management, and team coordination from inside the founder’s team.

Matt’s deal management and his team provide founder-side coordination and management support in negotiating the lead-up, the transaction itself, and post-transaction follow-through by providing a structure to decrease risk, maximise value and maximise the founder’s personal transaction leadership capacity.


  1. Pre-transaction leadership and business preparation
  2. Risk evaluation and de-risking
  3. Transaction strategy
  4. Founder alignment
  5. Value maximisation opportunities
  6. Founder commercial decision making
  7. Circuit breaker activity
  8. Protecting deal cadence
  9. Smoothing the external Corporate Advisory and Legal team communication
  10. Internal WIP project management

Perfect For

Founder, CEO, or majority shareholder of a company that is turning over at least $5m+ in revenue.

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