30+ years in business. 3 continents. Over $2 billion in deals.

30+ years in business.
3 continents.
Over $2 billion in deals.

Matt’s journey across several continents and 30+ years working for and in corporate and his own businesses has led him to a new life on a stunning property nestled in the Central-West of NSW, Australia.

Alternating between city and country, and accompanied by his wife and two dogs, Matt has embarked on a new beginning in the country air where stillness and freedom provide the perfect backdrop to chase his unmistakable purpose in life:

To help founders create, maximise and realise extraordinary business success and value, by passing on the tools and processes he’s learned over the last three decades.

Matt is a founder of 6 businesses (3 achieving over $50m in revenue, and 2 with valuations/ assets over $100m) so is familiar and experienced in the Founder journey.

What makes Matt unique in this space is his focus on Founder leadership to prepare them and their businesses psychologically, strategically, and operationally rather than just a corporate liquidity event transaction.

His Eureka moment came when he was working on one of the most successful deals in Australian history. He experienced firsthand the trauma and deal-risk the founder incurred as a result of not preparing for the transaction with an investor mindset. This experience birthed one of his core philosophies: begin your strategy with the end in mind.

Matt has spent the last decade in his Thought Leadership Practice and his company Invigour, perfecting strategies to ensure Founders develop and stay on track to their North Star. To stay true to Purpose. To Scale Up and define their end game, and to optimize this to be the best stepping stone for what they want to curate next in their lives.