Considering a future sale or investment?
Preparation is key to a great transaction.

Being unprepared can cost you millions.

Your business has reached a significant milestone: you’re considering a capital event, perhaps in 12 months or sooner. So what’s next?

Whether you’re looking for investment, to sell or you know a  “tap on the shoulder” is on its way, your business is going to come under the investor microscope. If there is a problem based on their metrics, they will find it. 

As many founders discover the hard way, once you are in a transaction there is little you can do about hidden value-killers – the time to flush out any red flags is way before the process begins. Often it’s these addressable issues that swing between fully optimising the business and maximising strategic value, and seriously damaging a deal to even prevent its completion.

Proper deal preparation takes time, however it doesn’t just de-risk the deal, it optimises your business, gives you clarity and conviction and tunes your negotiating skills and preparedness, for when the day arrives.

Deal Readiness Program

Being unprepared for a capital event will cost money and opportunity – and getting your preparation right improves the likelihood of both successful completion and a maximised Enterprise value.

The Deal Readiness Program not only proactively uncovers your operational, commercial, financial, and legal* risks.

It then ranks them together to create a framework for optimising your business, your deal readiness, and provides a proven (deal room) structure to get deal ready, so you know what to aim for and what will be targeted in Due Diligence.

*: separate ILP engagement.


The objective of the workshop series is to enable the founder to start the value optimisation process and to avoid future deal failure. Components include:
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Organisational structure
  3. Shareholder alignment and investment / ROI floors
  4. Governance, SHA, and transaction risks.
  5. Supplier, Customer, and distribution concentrations.
  6. Customer lifetime value, ARR, and product/service strategies
  7. Legal business health check.
  8. Trading results, current trading, financial projections, CAGR and rule of 40.
  9. Assets and liabilities
  10. Cash flow and financial reporting
It also gets the founder mindset changes underway to see the greater strategic opportunities, commence the planning process, and set up the leadership of the team and the company for a major step in its future.

Perfect For

Founders, CEOs, and C-Suite Executives.

Shareholder Strategy Workshop

What would you do if you were approached by a strategic player in your sector or a PE-backed growth opportunity?

Most businesses have more than one shareholder, including the founders – often in director positions – and in our experience they haven’t applied much planning to be ready for and to lead such a process, which should be one of the most significant transactions in their lives. Nor have they optimised their business value ahead of such an event.

Uncertain about what it means for them and unaligned about what they should aim for the business, these opportunities create dissention, where people start chasing different financial and strategic objectives, ultimately resulting in failed transactions, bitterness and resentment. Further, time kills deals, and money divides.

Therefore it is essential to preemptively address these potential issues. Through our shareholder strategy process, we interview the Founders personally and run a custom-agenda that we create together with you over a one day workshop, that will result in a breakthrough, achieve Shareholder alignment, and empower your leadership to move forward as one with clarity, conviction and speed.

Typical Agenda items that arise are:
  • Shareholder Clarity and Alignment
  • Liquidity ROI Targets (Quantum, Structure and Timing)
  • Culture, Team Issues and Succession
  • Board Governance and structure, and approach to Decision Making
  • Approach to Strategy, Execution and Planning
  • Scaling Up Goals and Challenges
  • Financial optimisation
  • Deal Readiness
  • Inorganic growth / M&A Planning for the Future


Outcomes of this strategy workshop can include:

  • Creating a new paradigm strategy and direction that renders current major obstacles redundant.
  • Developing an immediate forward action plan.
  • Achieving shareholder or management alignment on the future of the business.
  • Understanding the steps to get Deal Ready for a future investment round, exit or inorganic strategy.
  • Developing a Vision and a North Star for the business.

Perfect For

Founders and CEOs looking for swift action on key issues or opportunities.

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