Do you know how to Scale Up and get Deal Ready?

What are you aiming at?

You might be thinking; I don’t want to sell my company right now, so why should I care about getting ready for a capital event? Or what would I do if, on account of Scale Up, we put our heads above the parapet, get noticed and get approached?

More than 35 years in business have taught me that the strategies to optimise your company for a Shareholder Liquidity (capital) event are the most effective in deliberately creating significant value for your company, and have seniority over conventional strategic planning.

“Begin with the end in mind” is a widely accepted principle and it is no different in business.

Even if you never have a capital event:

  • Aligning shareholders and develop their ROI targets to reach a future value they agree on,
  • Optimising the 10 categories of Scale Up,
  • Completing a deal readiness audit and executing against it,
will give you clarity, direction, and freedom, while ultimately enabling the possibility of a strong liquidity event to happen and allowing the North Star of your business to run without you.

Shareholder Strategy Workshop

What would you do if you were approached by a strategic player in your sector or a PE-backed growth opportunity?

Most businesses have more than one shareholder, including the founders – often in director positions – and in our experience they haven’t applied much planning to be ready for and to lead such a process, which should be one of the most significant transactions in their lives. Nor have they optimised their business value ahead of such an event.

Uncertain about what it means for them and unaligned about what they should aim for the business, these opportunities create dissention, where people start chasing different financial and strategic objectives, ultimately resulting in failed transactions, bitterness and resentment. Further, time kills deals, and money divides.

Therefore it is essential to preemptively address these potential issues. Through our shareholder strategy process, we interview the Founders personally and run a custom-agenda that we create together with you over a one day workshop, that will result in a breakthrough, achieve Shareholder alignment, and empower your leadership to move forward as one with clarity, conviction and speed.

Typical Agenda items that arise are:
  • Shareholder Clarity and Alignment
  • Liquidity ROI Targets (Quantum, Structure and Timing)
  • Culture, Team Issues and Succession
  • Board Governance and structure, and approach to Decision Making
  • Approach to Strategy, Execution and Planning
  • Scaling Up Goals and Challenges
  • Financial optimisation
  • Deal Readiness
  • Inorganic growth / M&A Planning for the Future


Outcomes of this strategy workshop can include:

  • Creating a new paradigm strategy and direction that renders current major obstacles redundant.
  • Developing an immediate forward action plan.
  • Achieving shareholder or management alignment on the future of the business.
  • Understanding the steps to get Deal Ready for a future investment round, exit or inorganic strategy.
  • Developing a Vision and a North Star for the business.

Perfect For

Founders and CEOs looking for swift action on key issues or opportunities.

Governance For Scale Program

In leading a company that is scaling up in size, impact, region or related entities, two factors prevail:

  • The scalability of the Senior Leadership Team, including the culture and the resources to meet the increased demand and,
  • The current structure and governance competency for a company to scale.

Program delivers against 10 core milestones to developing a well-governed and scalable company:

  • Facilitate a half-day workshop to establish the current state and capacity of the Directors, Shareholders, the company, and its present and future orientation. If there is no Shareholder alignment in the future, this is taken offline into a separate workshop to achieve it through facilitation.
  • Develop a Board Charter to outline how the company at scale will now be run, and define the directors by characteristics and experience, whom you wish to recruit.
  • Develop an organization chart for the future of the company (by position only) 2-3 years out.
  • Review the industry reference tools that we supply you with, to commence your education to run a board for a company at scale.
  • Complete our Governance overview, and participate in our E-Learning until you reach a pass rate of over 90%.
  • Assist the new Chair in the setup and management of Board meetings, governance to lead the company and the coaching relationship with the CEO.
  • Develop a cadence of quarterly or bi-monthly board meetings, using our framework, (consistent with the Charter) to develop the first board pack.
  • Support you across the way, and attend your first board meeting by invitation, for performance oversight.
  • Work with our recruitment team as necessary, commence your search for a deeper strength in the SLT and the Directors (ideally executives, non-executives, and independents), so the company is structured for the future, not the present.
  • Work with our employment resolution team as necessary to facilitate restructures.


Outcomes of this governance and structure program develop competencies to ensure the bigger entity:

  • Can be led effectively by a Board,
  • Is fit for purpose at Scale Up,
  • Has a strategy, formed by the Board, which can be delegated to management,
  • Holds management accountable by the Board in execution of the company strategy.

Perfect For

Founders and CEOs leaning to become non-executive director and aiming at creating businesses run with excellence, rather than staying personally attached to their early-stage business.

Leadership Mentoring

Running a successful and growing business is hard. It’s often lonely, frustrating and stressful when your vision isn’t being realised and you are too engrossed with day-to-day tasks, that don’t actually move high-level needle movers.

Matt mentors Founders to remove obstacles and bring in an ‘Investor Mindset’ strategy to ideate breakthroughs and deliver clarity, conviction, a refreshed management velocity and results, fast.


Outcomes of mentoring can include:

  • Fast clarity, fast decision-making, psychological safety, and accountability
  • Team culture and leadership – direction, alignment, and building scalable team resource
  • Shareholder Alignment on future value and strategy
  • Building a board structure with governance for scale
  • Creating and executing a rolling 3-year strategic plan against a strategy map
  • Becoming a non-executive director
  • Negotiation (leveraging NLP) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) training for sticky clients, better conversion, and faster deal closure
  • Preparing for a capital transaction and maximizing company value
  • Managing the deal of your life (solicited or not)
  • Selling your company multiple times whilst still running it (extracting more value every time)

Perfect For

Founders, CEOs, and C-Suite Executives.

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