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The following Business Discovery Questionnaire has about 50 questions enabling Matt Joy and his team to get a better understanding of your specific conditions and prepare accordingly for your Business Discovery Call.

On average, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Once done, you will receive a email summary and be redirected on a booking page to schedule your Business Discovery Call with Matt.

Note: To save an unfinished form, click on the button “Save”. This will display a custom URL linked to your unfinished form and an email field that you can use to send to yourself the specific URL. Using this custom URL will allow you to come back on the saved form at a later stage.

MJ Business Discovery Questionnaire (V.1.3)

Step 1 - Generic Details

Step 2 - Context

Step 3 - Founders


Step 4 - Shareholders

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Step 5 - Board

Step 6 - Business History

Step 7 - Business Structure

Step 8 - Visions and Strategy

Step 9 - Company Value


Step 10 - Investor Relations

Step 11 - High Level Metrics


Step 12 - Team

Step 13 - Customers

Step 14 - Competitors

Step 15 - Industry

Step 16 - Helicopter View